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So I haven’t posted anything in awhile sure I reblog every now and then and post about me and my buddy’s DJ page or when we make a new MIXXX but haven’t posted anything about me in awhile so their is this gift exchange at work today and I got this girl who on her list of things she wanted wrote “chocolates, Starbucks gift card, anything” I mean what the fuck am I supposed to do with anything? Nobody ever wants just anything lets he honest here that’s like if you made your letter to Santa and wrote anything And he brings you coal like what the fuck man? His response is well you said anything… So I got her a Starbucks gift card but I’m not sure if I should wrap it or put a little bow on it or just give it to her I mean there is no reason to beat around the bushes when giving a gift card something that size even if you wrap it won’t matter cause you know it’s a card and their really is no reason to buy a big box and put it in there anyways, that’s my update let me know if you’ve ever had trouble wrapping it up haha

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